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Saturday, 25 October 2008

If you have problem with your computer's speed, there are many reason. It can be your computer was infected by virus, your system is broke, or there are many junk in your computer. There is a solution if you have a problem with junk in your computer. You must use CCleaner. This program is easy to use, and the interface is great too.

CCleaner can help you to clean Internet cookies, history, recent documents, and many more junk instead you delete the junk manually. CCleaner also can fix your registry ( don' t forget to backup your registry before you delete it ), and this program can uninstall the program that you don't need it. You can set your startup with this program too.

And, if your computer is connected with internet, don't forget to delete the cookies and delete the history by using CCleaner, because cookies from internet can really slow don your computer.

CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization

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