iPad on View

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Allright, I keep my promise to keep this blog up-to-date (although it's aprrox. 15 days since last post) hoho. So I keep it up with iPad on View !! Je je jeng.. Also, I have iPad on my own, so I can clearly explain this 'lovely' gadget.

First, why I buy this iPad? Hell no. It's my mom. :D

Second, is it important to have this thing? Umm.. I recommend use a notebook for unhandled-iPad-situation like running 'usually' program, and transfer files between two gadget, because you know, iPad doesn't know USB port.

I very very glad and surprised because Apple has launched this revolutionary thing. Because this (also known as tablet PCs) are very new on this world, and this is a super innovation gadget that launched in this era. iPad rise and followed by other Tablet product like Galaxy Tab, Playbook, etc, and no one can beat iPad i think.

The graphics are very soft but eye stunning, it have sharp image and if you want to read a e-book, 2 hours doesn't bother your eyes.

The design was great too. It has sleek design and thin body, and a little heavy (if compared to cell phone haha).

NEW LOGO and HEADER for techno.fox!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce that my lovely blog, techno fox, has added new logo and new blog's header for Summer 2011! So.. It's good to see ur comment or feedback if u're want to comment my new logo :D ...

As soon as possible, techno fox will update this blog again in 2 or 3 days, and with new logo, I have new vision that, this blog will reviewing all thing with other perspective. "We look for something we felt".

Thanks and happy blogging everyone :D

Hey! Google Chrome ver 12 (beta) was Released!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Surprisingly, I didn't know exactly when my Google Chrome icon changed. And after some search over the internet.. yeaaa, my favourite browser has release it's new version!

I really excited about this post because, finally my favourite browser has launch it's new version (although this version not stable now). But I really want to understand, how far improvement has been made for this browser. Here are some new features (taken from Chrome Blog):

First, Chrome apply 3D effects to web page content using CSS. So the graphic become more great.

Second, Chrome make browsing more safe. Before, Chrome have Incognito Window to prevent the user from spy on the internet. In addition, Chrome now warns you before downloading some types of malicious files. It's great for protecting you against malware and phishing

Brand New Mozilla Firefox 4.0 !

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jesus Loves you everybody, (I just can't think what introduction I must said to begin this post hoho).

Okay! Now is time for .... IT's post!! It,s looks like my favourite company in Internet worlds are back on track with their super-high-class-browser called Mozilla Firefox 4.0!

I'm very surprised that this browser improved dramatically if I compared it with the previous one version. It's light, the looks of the browser are very new, and the great things here, this Firefox's startup are veryyy quick! (Just like Google Chrome hoho)

It's just match with the words "Discover More Awesome", because until now I haven't finish to explore my new Firefox 4.o, but in my opinion, this was a grrreatt, really great browser on Internet.

Check this out for more info

and also this link for download, free! :-P

Mozilla or Chrome?? Answer it after you install Firefox 4.o :D

Canon EOS 60D Review

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Greetings! Not long since my first 1000D, I just fall in love with another DSLR. And it's fallen to very new EOS 60D. So I want to make a review about it.

It's my first review and I try to make it clear as crystal :p

Okay, at the first impression, it's like upgrade of 550D and downgrade of 60D. It's true, yeah. It have tilt LCD, very useful in very hard angle, have 18mpix cmos sensor and have ISO expanded to 12800, just like 550D.

So what is different from 550D then?

For about US$250 difference, EOS 60D delivers a vari angle lcd, higher shoot burst (@5,3 fps), and very very much great software program in it.

My First DSLR Lens, EF-50mm f/1.8 II

Monday, 10 January 2011

Yay! It's my second post about photography. Now I want to share with you all about my first lens.

Before that, I will make you understand a little about DSLR photography. One thing that make DSLR's photography and pocket camera's photography different is about lens. You can use macro lens (for very close and small object), telephoto lens (for a very far away object), and so on...

And my first lens *beside starter lens that come with my 1000D* is EF-50MM f/1.8 II . And believe me, it's very cheap and can make very great photos. You can look the result in picture in top left from this post.

What make it affordable lens to buy? Because with very large aperture, (f/1.8) it can make the background really really blur *Just for your info, my starter lens just make f/3.5 and it's already have little blur*

I think I had two thumbs up for this lens. It can blur disturbing oject and make more "dramatic" point of view. It can make you increase the speed of shutter to 3 stops than normal f/3.5 lens, if you want less shake for hand-held photography.

p.s : I assume you know about basic photography hhehe

My First DSLR

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011! Okay this time I announce that my blog will not tell about computer only, but also about my hobby and my life. Because what? Because I'm getting sick of all this computer stuff, I must search and get the topic and many more, it's hard :p. So, begin with this post I will tell about anything that I'd like, and I hope you like it too :D

And then... Here it is. About 6 months ago I was very interested in photography, and yeah, I buy the DSLR camera. My first camera was Canon EOS 1000D. After I photograph many more object, I was realize that, woooow, photography was very very great hobby. I can hunt photo with many friends and it's not all. We can shoot models too! Hhhaha.. It's very great for me.

One thing, photography hobby is not cheap. It's expensive one. But, if u want to try, let's borrow from your friend (It's not expensive :p). And belive me, u must try this hobby because it's an interesting one!

p.s photo In left side is one of my model's photograph favourite, I will show more in my more post :D




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