Hey! Google Chrome ver 12 (beta) was Released!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Surprisingly, I didn't know exactly when my Google Chrome icon changed. And after some search over the internet.. yeaaa, my favourite browser has release it's new version!

I really excited about this post because, finally my favourite browser has launch it's new version (although this version not stable now). But I really want to understand, how far improvement has been made for this browser. Here are some new features (taken from Chrome Blog):

First, Chrome apply 3D effects to web page content using CSS. So the graphic become more great.

Second, Chrome make browsing more safe. Before, Chrome have Incognito Window to prevent the user from spy on the internet. In addition, Chrome now warns you before downloading some types of malicious files. It's great for protecting you against malware and phishing

Third, user now have more control over the online privacy. Many websites store information on your computer using forms of local data storage such as Flash Local Shared Objects (LSOs). In the past, you could only delete Flash LSOs using an online settings application on Adobe’s website, but we’ve worked closely with Adobe to allow you to delete Flash LSOs directly from Chrome’s settings

Fourth, Chrome improved screen reader support. It's mean Chrome now provide extra tool and availability to help users who have abnormal abilities like blind or any else. Chrome added preliminary support for many popular screen readers including JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver.

Furthermore, Chrome has disabled the Google Gears plug-in, because Chrome's teams excited about the potential of HTML5 to enable powerful web applications.

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