Free SMS?

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hi, very long time since the last post ... I have varies reason, like busy occupation,
tasks that pile up, and I don't have any idea for the post.
My posting based on what I see and find, not just a description or what. Basically, my post requirement must useful for everyone.

Now, enter the main idea. How to get a free SMS? A few weeks ago, there was a sms in my phone. But I receive sms that it's odd for me.
I received sms from this number like the number of a operators, but it shows word "Yahoo! users" in the sentence. Fraudulent I try to ask my friend, and I find that Yahoo appeared to be used to send sms, free of course. Applications used is already known by people, it's Yahoo! Messenger.

Indonesia's WiFi vs Malaysia's WiMAX

Friday, 30 January 2009

Okay, this is my new post and I will tell something great, especially for our country Indonesia. 2 days ago, my friend told me to search "WiMAX" in Google. He say that WiMAX is more stronger, cheaper, and modern than WiFi. Look at the picture (((it is taken from p1 official website))). And wooow, WiMAX speed is more, more, and more than Dial-Up Connection!

I think I doesn't need to explain what is WiMAX, you can search the description in Internet. I just tell u what can WiMAX do. The other benefit from WiMAX, WiMAX can reach until 50km internet coverage in a area! Just compare with WiFi, it just can reach 100m internet coverage. In that case, WiMAX can help u to have a internet connection in the garden (outdoor). In the future, it is very good for businessman, because he can work in garden and look good view than a work room; that (work room) make human very-quick-boring and tired. It is very good for mobility too. And what do you think about the price? It is a cheaper one! Look at the price list in p1 official web.

Now, WiMAX is not yet available in our country. But, in Malaysia WiMAX is already operated. Why Indonesia not install WiMAX? It is because WiMAX can make a call without any fee or cost. You can imagine, how many Cellular Operator in Indonesia going to broke because of it. It is my opinion, but technology are very fast develop one. Indonesia must think about it. Don't make Indonesia out of date in technology than other countries.

Faster Internet Connection in Win XP and Vista

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

One month ago I was browse entire internet and found good tips 4 speed up internet connection. This is taken from, I try it and it is safe for computer (if you don't delete another registry).

"Do you know windows always use our Bandwith up to 20%? For speed up your internet connection and get back your bandwith, this is the tips :

1. Click start, Run and type “gpedit.msc” (No quotes).
2. In Computer Configuration - Administrative Template - click Network.
3. Click Qos Packet Scheduler - Double Click for Limit Reservable Bandwith.
4. Click ENABLED reservable bandwith and change setting to 0 (zero)% and then click Apply and Click OK. Restart Computer.

But all of this suspended by your internet provider too. This tips enabled if you use OS Windows XP or Vista."

Taken from and translated by Techno-Fox



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