Euro 2012: Netherlands Jersey

Friday, 1 June 2012

Good afternoon blogger all around the world! Firstly I surprised about my last post, 9 July 2011. Woww!! I didn't write since 2011?? Hahahha..

Okay go on, I really curious about the biggest football tournament in europe. Yeah it's Euro '12. Many big teams participated in this tournament. and of course, I'm the fans of Dutch team (yeah!).

but, I don't really know about Europan teams, I prefer EPL because I know almost everything about EPL (English Premier League). So the question, why I love Dutch? It's simple, cause I love their jersey. The design was very cool and with orange-colored shirt at  home and black-colored shirt at away, Dutch make it really really nice-looking jersey. Thanks to Nike, the designer.

Here the Dutch jersey taken from

 (the black-one really cool! ) 

Let me know your opinion about their jersey :D .. feel free to comment! 

p.s : Portugal have great jersey design too ;D




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