iPad on View

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Allright, I keep my promise to keep this blog up-to-date (although it's aprrox. 15 days since last post) hoho. So I keep it up with iPad on View !! Je je jeng.. Also, I have iPad on my own, so I can clearly explain this 'lovely' gadget.

First, why I buy this iPad? Hell no. It's my mom. :D

Second, is it important to have this thing? Umm.. I recommend use a notebook for unhandled-iPad-situation like running 'usually' program, and transfer files between two gadget, because you know, iPad doesn't know USB port.

I very very glad and surprised because Apple has launched this revolutionary thing. Because this (also known as tablet PCs) are very new on this world, and this is a super innovation gadget that launched in this era. iPad rise and followed by other Tablet product like Galaxy Tab, Playbook, etc, and no one can beat iPad i think.

The graphics are very soft but eye stunning, it have sharp image and if you want to read a e-book, 2 hours doesn't bother your eyes.

The design was great too. It has sleek design and thin body, and a little heavy (if compared to cell phone haha).

NEW LOGO and HEADER for techno.fox!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce that my lovely blog, techno fox, has added new logo and new blog's header for Summer 2011! So.. It's good to see ur comment or feedback if u're want to comment my new logo :D ...

As soon as possible, techno fox will update this blog again in 2 or 3 days, and with new logo, I have new vision that, this blog will reviewing all thing with other perspective. "We look for something we felt".

Thanks and happy blogging everyone :D



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