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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

When I was blogging 3 days ago, I found "Google Chrome" on my ads. In the beginning, I don't know what is Google Chrome. Until yesterday, one friend told me to try Google Chrome. I ask to him,"What is Google Chrome?" He said,"Google Chrome is good browser. It is very quick too!" Because I was interested in Google Chrome, I try to download it.

Wow! when I try it, it is very user-friendly, simple, and effective! It have many new feature inside and you can found new browsing experience. I think, Google Chrome is most likely Opera (I see from how they work). The speed and open the web is the same as Opera do. But, the features are most interesting one.

Here the new features I like, and how to use this in Google Chrome:

Many websites, such as email services, operate like actual programs, similar to those on your computer desktop.

Open these websites just like any other programs on your computer. Create an application shortcut for the website you're on:

  1. Click the Page menu page menu.
  2. Select Create application shortcuts.
  3. In the 'Google Gears' dialog box, select the checkboxes where you want shortcuts to be placed on your computer.
    • Desktop
    • Start menu
    • Quick launch bar
  4. Click the OK button.
When you double-click a shortcut icon, the web application opens in a special streamlined window that gives you as much working room as possible.

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