Brand New Mozilla Firefox 4.0 !

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jesus Loves you everybody, (I just can't think what introduction I must said to begin this post hoho).

Okay! Now is time for .... IT's post!! It,s looks like my favourite company in Internet worlds are back on track with their super-high-class-browser called Mozilla Firefox 4.0!

I'm very surprised that this browser improved dramatically if I compared it with the previous one version. It's light, the looks of the browser are very new, and the great things here, this Firefox's startup are veryyy quick! (Just like Google Chrome hoho)

It's just match with the words "Discover More Awesome", because until now I haven't finish to explore my new Firefox 4.o, but in my opinion, this was a grrreatt, really great browser on Internet.

Check this out for more info

and also this link for download, free! :-P

Mozilla or Chrome?? Answer it after you install Firefox 4.o :D



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