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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

When I was blogging 3 days ago, I found "Google Chrome" on my ads. In the beginning, I don't know what is Google Chrome. Until yesterday, one friend told me to try Google Chrome. I ask to him,"What is Google Chrome?" He said,"Google Chrome is good browser. It is very quick too!" Because I was interested in Google Chrome, I try to download it.

Wow! when I try it, it is very user-friendly, simple, and effective! It have many new feature inside and you can found new browsing experience. I think, Google Chrome is most likely Opera (I see from how they work). The speed and open the web is the same as Opera do. But, the features are most interesting one.

Here the new features I like, and how to use this in Google Chrome:

Many websites, such as email services, operate like actual programs, similar to those on your computer desktop.

Open these websites just like any other programs on your computer. Create an application shortcut for the website you're on:

  1. Click the Page menu page menu.
  2. Select Create application shortcuts.
  3. In the 'Google Gears' dialog box, select the checkboxes where you want shortcuts to be placed on your computer.
    • Desktop
    • Start menu
    • Quick launch bar
  4. Click the OK button.
When you double-click a shortcut icon, the web application opens in a special streamlined window that gives you as much working room as possible.

((( taken from Google Chrome website ))) Download Now

Best (Free) Anti Virus&Spyware

Friday, 7 November 2008

What is the best antivirus now? If you want free antivirus, try Avira AntiVir. Why? Because Avira is easy to use, and it is very good antivirus. I stay update for Avira database and now, my computer is protected from many anti-virus. The Avira Guard is very useful to check the unknown file who want to enter the computer.

If I choose between Avira and AVG, I reccommend Avira. AVG is make computer work slowly, and it consume lot of computer memory. It will be a problem if you use 512 or 1024MB RAM. But, it is your choice to choose your AV. And, if you want to have spyware remover, try Spyware Terminator. It is free and good anti-spyware.

If you want to make your computer good and healthy, the free program is the best option too.

Clean Your Computer

Saturday, 25 October 2008

If you have problem with your computer's speed, there are many reason. It can be your computer was infected by virus, your system is broke, or there are many junk in your computer. There is a solution if you have a problem with junk in your computer. You must use CCleaner. This program is easy to use, and the interface is great too.

CCleaner can help you to clean Internet cookies, history, recent documents, and many more junk instead you delete the junk manually. CCleaner also can fix your registry ( don' t forget to backup your registry before you delete it ), and this program can uninstall the program that you don't need it. You can set your startup with this program too.

And, if your computer is connected with internet, don't forget to delete the cookies and delete the history by using CCleaner, because cookies from internet can really slow don your computer.

CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization

Computers and Global Warming

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hi, hello again. The title in my posting is Computers and Global Warming. Why I use this title? Because computers give big donation to global warming. In our era, we know technology was improve so fast. Most newer and good technology consume more power and it can absorb the earth power.

And we know, now our earth is in danger. It will be collapse if we don't make a movement from now. How we can support earth and make technology doesn't broke earth? Don't worry. we can help earth by use the right processor for our computer. Choose processor who can work efficient and consume less energy. The example is Intel Core2Duo Processor, this processor can work efficient with dual core on it. With Intel® Intelligent Power Capability. Turning off portions of the processor when they aren't being used improves overall energy efficiency and reduces heat production, resulting in a quieter, more energy efficient system.

Yes, we can do it now. Earth is in our hand to be saved. Can we look the same tree and water 30 years again (picture in top left)? We can look the same if we make movement now.

(Picture from FreeFoto.Com; Posting Source from

Google Earth and Sky

Friday, 17 October 2008

Discover the earth and other planets now-just from your computer!

Google Earth, the program from Google that let you to fly anywhere in the earth lets you fly on Earth to view maps, terrain, and 3D buildings. You can discover many geographical content, save your toured places and let you to share with others. All of this is free.

Google Earth ver. 4.3 is available now. It means you can watch the sky and other galaxies just by clicking "Switch to Sky" in "View" dropdown menu on Google Earth. You will have this feature after you install Google Earth succesfuly in your computer.

Not only that, you can discover the earth with the real sun-rise and sun-set. If you search a beach in your Earth, set your sun to sunrise or sunset. It will be look different and look more beautiful. This program also let you to watch big building in big city too.

Don't waste this chance to upgrade your computer's program with this beautiful one program. You can download it here now. Good Luck!

Mozilla Foundation

Thursday, 16 October 2008

We know, at this time technology is increasing so fast. Many new computers, gadgets, or software everyday. A thousand new products available per week. With this problem, our world is become more simple and smart. But in fact, many children can not access and they doesn't know what is technology.

There is Mozilla Foundation, who create a non-profit organization to help other people. With this program, Mozilla want to make internet accessible for all human around the world. Not only for profit, but mozilla want internet will develop your social activities too. This program will very help other to know technology well.

Because it, I like Mozilla. Mozilla is in good way to help people. I hope many programs or internet developer make a foundation too, because it can very help developing internet and technology.
Technology for future!

LimeWire - Best Sharing Program

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Before I found this program, I have a trouble with how to search a share video or music. But, one year ago, my friend told me about limewire. He say this program can search and then download music, video, or program. All is free.

Limewire is a good program. No adware, virus, or spyware in it. But, you must be careful to download music or video. Many virus contain in music (mp3). Not only that, tjis program is open source too. It means you can modify, develop, and share this program to help this program spread the programming world.

You can download Limewire here. It is free. If you want to buy LimeWire Pro, it is about US$21.95. You can find improvement in LimeWire Pro.

Limewire interface is user-friendly, and the program is easy to use. It is very easy for computer beginner.

Protect Your Data!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hello again. This is my fourth post. I am very happy... No no, thanks.

This post is explain about protecting data. Hummm... I know in your computer included many many secret data, and no one you want to know what is your secret data. The "Secret Data" can be a document, a picture, or a "interesting video" for you.

Now, let me explain you why to protect your data from other human. I will explain you to use a program called HFF. HFF is Hide File and Folders. You can download it here or from Limewire (I will explain LimeWire in other post).

HFF is a shareware program, it mean you can try it free-and a few weeks again, you must register and you can buy this one (U$49). First, after installing the programs, you can run the program and select the folder you want to encrypt (lock) and give it a password. This program is easy to use, but beginner will be have a little problem with this program.

Why I use HFF? HFF can lock every type data. And this program can run HIDDEN in your system tray. Not only that, if you want to use (access) HFF, you only can access it by entering your password and magic key from your desktop. This program is very good to use.

Lock your data now! You can ask me in my gmail or yahoo acoount by send me an email. if you have trouble with this program. I will reply your question.

Blogging - Why Blogging Become Popular?

In the beginning, blog (blogging) is not very popular in my country. I don't know why blog is popular now, but I think it is the effect from actress (in my country).

In my country, actress's blog is very popular. Every actress have blog and they share what they have done and about event that they passed. People who like gossip (especially women) are very like to open actress's blog, because it can be materials for discuss with other friends.

In the beginning, people just look and open blog, but in the next process, people will try to make a blog. In blog, people can share everything what they want, and they can got feedback. Especially women, they will make blog for electronic diary.

Many blogging program available now, Blogger, Wordpress, Xanga, Friendster, etc. Why you don't have a blog? Make it now and we can shaaaare what we want.

You can exchange link with me by leave your comment with your URL in every posting that I made.

Good Luck!

Learn Music from Internet

Monday, 13 October 2008

If you're want to study and learn music from internet, it's very simple and easy to find. Click to here you can find anything about music. Not only thay, there is a gallery for newest album and song.

This website was specially designed for learn bass, guitars, and drums. You can download the tab free. If you want to get support software for learn guitar, you can try Guitar Pro. This software is created for play the tab you download from Simply search in song you want to learn, and choose "guitar pro" from "type" tab. Download and open the file with Guitar Pro.

Good Luck!

Browser's Duel, Opera v Mozilla

What is most popular internet browser now? I think, it is Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Why I use Opera and Mozilla? Because Opera have high speed access, and Mozilla have add-ons.

Opera is soooo fast. For example, on a Google search to go to the next page, normally you have to find and manually click to go to the next set of results — in Opera you can simply fast-forward. This is brilliant in most forums and searches as one can automatically move to the next page without finding, moving and clicking on that link. It is Navigation for the lazy!!! It also automagically creates ‘slideshows’ for web directories containing only images. Great with Opera’s superior full-screen mode (which can act like a presentation system). Fast-forward/Rewind is unique to Opera. Firefox has just recently copied this functionality using an extension, however this does not integrate (via key commands and/or mouse gestures) anywhere near as smoothly as the Opera system.

If you use internet at home, I reccomend this two browser. And if I choose, I choose Mozilla. Because Mozilla have support from many people in the world. I can told this because hundred add-ons is available on Mozilla. It mean many people interested to develop and love Mozilla.

I like Mozilla interface too... Mozilla's themes can be changed anytime. Just download the add-ons from Mozilla and your themes will changed immediately.



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