Blogging - Why Blogging Become Popular?

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

In the beginning, blog (blogging) is not very popular in my country. I don't know why blog is popular now, but I think it is the effect from actress (in my country).

In my country, actress's blog is very popular. Every actress have blog and they share what they have done and about event that they passed. People who like gossip (especially women) are very like to open actress's blog, because it can be materials for discuss with other friends.

In the beginning, people just look and open blog, but in the next process, people will try to make a blog. In blog, people can share everything what they want, and they can got feedback. Especially women, they will make blog for electronic diary.

Many blogging program available now, Blogger, Wordpress, Xanga, Friendster, etc. Why you don't have a blog? Make it now and we can shaaaare what we want.

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Good Luck!

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