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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hello again. This is my fourth post. I am very happy... No no, thanks.

This post is explain about protecting data. Hummm... I know in your computer included many many secret data, and no one you want to know what is your secret data. The "Secret Data" can be a document, a picture, or a "interesting video" for you.

Now, let me explain you why to protect your data from other human. I will explain you to use a program called HFF. HFF is Hide File and Folders. You can download it here or from Limewire (I will explain LimeWire in other post).

HFF is a shareware program, it mean you can try it free-and a few weeks again, you must register and you can buy this one (U$49). First, after installing the programs, you can run the program and select the folder you want to encrypt (lock) and give it a password. This program is easy to use, but beginner will be have a little problem with this program.

Why I use HFF? HFF can lock every type data. And this program can run HIDDEN in your system tray. Not only that, if you want to use (access) HFF, you only can access it by entering your password and magic key from your desktop. This program is very good to use.

Lock your data now! You can ask me in my gmail or yahoo acoount by send me an email. if you have trouble with this program. I will reply your question.

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