Browser's Duel, Opera v Mozilla

Monday, 13 October 2008

What is most popular internet browser now? I think, it is Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Why I use Opera and Mozilla? Because Opera have high speed access, and Mozilla have add-ons.

Opera is soooo fast. For example, on a Google search to go to the next page, normally you have to find and manually click to go to the next set of results — in Opera you can simply fast-forward. This is brilliant in most forums and searches as one can automatically move to the next page without finding, moving and clicking on that link. It is Navigation for the lazy!!! It also automagically creates ‘slideshows’ for web directories containing only images. Great with Opera’s superior full-screen mode (which can act like a presentation system). Fast-forward/Rewind is unique to Opera. Firefox has just recently copied this functionality using an extension, however this does not integrate (via key commands and/or mouse gestures) anywhere near as smoothly as the Opera system.

If you use internet at home, I reccomend this two browser. And if I choose, I choose Mozilla. Because Mozilla have support from many people in the world. I can told this because hundred add-ons is available on Mozilla. It mean many people interested to develop and love Mozilla.

I like Mozilla interface too... Mozilla's themes can be changed anytime. Just download the add-ons from Mozilla and your themes will changed immediately.

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