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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Before I found this program, I have a trouble with how to search a share video or music. But, one year ago, my friend told me about limewire. He say this program can search and then download music, video, or program. All is free.

Limewire is a good program. No adware, virus, or spyware in it. But, you must be careful to download music or video. Many virus contain in music (mp3). Not only that, tjis program is open source too. It means you can modify, develop, and share this program to help this program spread the programming world.

You can download Limewire here. It is free. If you want to buy LimeWire Pro, it is about US$21.95. You can find improvement in LimeWire Pro.

Limewire interface is user-friendly, and the program is easy to use. It is very easy for computer beginner.

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