Computers and Global Warming

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hi, hello again. The title in my posting is Computers and Global Warming. Why I use this title? Because computers give big donation to global warming. In our era, we know technology was improve so fast. Most newer and good technology consume more power and it can absorb the earth power.

And we know, now our earth is in danger. It will be collapse if we don't make a movement from now. How we can support earth and make technology doesn't broke earth? Don't worry. we can help earth by use the right processor for our computer. Choose processor who can work efficient and consume less energy. The example is Intel Core2Duo Processor, this processor can work efficient with dual core on it. With Intel® Intelligent Power Capability. Turning off portions of the processor when they aren't being used improves overall energy efficiency and reduces heat production, resulting in a quieter, more energy efficient system.

Yes, we can do it now. Earth is in our hand to be saved. Can we look the same tree and water 30 years again (picture in top left)? We can look the same if we make movement now.

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