Google Earth and Sky

Friday, 17 October 2008

Discover the earth and other planets now-just from your computer!

Google Earth, the program from Google that let you to fly anywhere in the earth lets you fly on Earth to view maps, terrain, and 3D buildings. You can discover many geographical content, save your toured places and let you to share with others. All of this is free.

Google Earth ver. 4.3 is available now. It means you can watch the sky and other galaxies just by clicking "Switch to Sky" in "View" dropdown menu on Google Earth. You will have this feature after you install Google Earth succesfuly in your computer.

Not only that, you can discover the earth with the real sun-rise and sun-set. If you search a beach in your Earth, set your sun to sunrise or sunset. It will be look different and look more beautiful. This program also let you to watch big building in big city too.

Don't waste this chance to upgrade your computer's program with this beautiful one program. You can download it here now. Good Luck!

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