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Friday, 7 November 2008

What is the best antivirus now? If you want free antivirus, try Avira AntiVir. Why? Because Avira is easy to use, and it is very good antivirus. I stay update for Avira database and now, my computer is protected from many anti-virus. The Avira Guard is very useful to check the unknown file who want to enter the computer.

If I choose between Avira and AVG, I reccommend Avira. AVG is make computer work slowly, and it consume lot of computer memory. It will be a problem if you use 512 or 1024MB RAM. But, it is your choice to choose your AV. And, if you want to have spyware remover, try Spyware Terminator. It is free and good anti-spyware.

If you want to make your computer good and healthy, the free program is the best option too.

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It's ME!! said...

can I have the full version of HFF please??
B'cause it's expired now....
It's soo damn good, I can hide "my secret files" ^^
Please reply, okay?

And one thing comes over my mind, why do your blog doesn't have any comment yet????
Thus i'm the 2000-th visitor ????
Doesn't it make sense to you?

It's okay anyway, please give me the link to the full version of HFF.
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