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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hi, very long time since the last post ... I have varies reason, like busy occupation,
tasks that pile up, and I don't have any idea for the post.
My posting based on what I see and find, not just a description or what. Basically, my post requirement must useful for everyone.

Now, enter the main idea. How to get a free SMS? A few weeks ago, there was a sms in my phone. But I receive sms that it's odd for me.
I received sms from this number like the number of a operators, but it shows word "Yahoo! users" in the sentence. Fraudulent I try to ask my friend, and I find that Yahoo appeared to be used to send sms, free of course. Applications used is already known by people, it's Yahoo! Messenger.

How? Easy one. You are required to have your Yahoo! (sign up at
which you can later use to log into the other features of Yahoo! After that, download
application through Google, and download the latest version. Once downloaded, open the application and login. You should not have been confuse if you often use YM.

After login, click the tab "Actions" and select "Send an SMS Message ..", then, will appear
new windows, and select "Other Contact" tab. Enter the phone number you want to sent an sms.
Usually, if you want to send in your own country, directly enter the phone number,
does not need the country code. Then press Enter.

Sms will be sent directly, and of course without cost! :p

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