Canon EOS 60D Review

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Greetings! Not long since my first 1000D, I just fall in love with another DSLR. And it's fallen to very new EOS 60D. So I want to make a review about it.

It's my first review and I try to make it clear as crystal :p

Okay, at the first impression, it's like upgrade of 550D and downgrade of 60D. It's true, yeah. It have tilt LCD, very useful in very hard angle, have 18mpix cmos sensor and have ISO expanded to 12800, just like 550D.

So what is different from 550D then?

For about US$250 difference, EOS 60D delivers a vari angle lcd, higher shoot burst (@5,3 fps), and very very much great software program in it.

The biggest difference is, 60D bring very sharp image like Nikon DSLR, if u want to know the picture difference is at, it's very great photography site.

Honestly at first time I just think that 550D and 60D is the same, it's not worth for US$250 difference. Butnow, after seeing the photo compare, I know that the xxD series with xxxD series has a lot of difference.

Go for a semi pro one? EOS 60D is onto it. Just like the booklet, "A New Perspective: EOS 60D".

p.s: I cropped EOS 60D picture from the booklet, coz I doesn't have 60D yet. :p
Hope I get it soon haha


budiawanhutasoit said...

nice review..
same as you, for time being i have 1000D, and hopefully i could have money to buy this EOS 60D :D

admin said...

yeahhh... this has very great image mates, i very love it :D

mannoy said...

Hope I could buy one also.

admin said...

wow, eos 60d has many fans :D




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