My First DSLR Lens, EF-50mm f/1.8 II

Monday, 10 January 2011

Yay! It's my second post about photography. Now I want to share with you all about my first lens.

Before that, I will make you understand a little about DSLR photography. One thing that make DSLR's photography and pocket camera's photography different is about lens. You can use macro lens (for very close and small object), telephoto lens (for a very far away object), and so on...

And my first lens *beside starter lens that come with my 1000D* is EF-50MM f/1.8 II . And believe me, it's very cheap and can make very great photos. You can look the result in picture in top left from this post.

What make it affordable lens to buy? Because with very large aperture, (f/1.8) it can make the background really really blur *Just for your info, my starter lens just make f/3.5 and it's already have little blur*

I think I had two thumbs up for this lens. It can blur disturbing oject and make more "dramatic" point of view. It can make you increase the speed of shutter to 3 stops than normal f/3.5 lens, if you want less shake for hand-held photography.

p.s : I assume you know about basic photography hhehe


sibutiz said...

good article..
please comment back..

Miecyber said...

I got pocket camera only....

Tahap kesihatan dan kepantasan berjalan

Cyber Glass said...

it doesn;t matter dslr or pocket, because pocket can have function like dslr too :)




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