My First DSLR

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011! Okay this time I announce that my blog will not tell about computer only, but also about my hobby and my life. Because what? Because I'm getting sick of all this computer stuff, I must search and get the topic and many more, it's hard :p. So, begin with this post I will tell about anything that I'd like, and I hope you like it too :D

And then... Here it is. About 6 months ago I was very interested in photography, and yeah, I buy the DSLR camera. My first camera was Canon EOS 1000D. After I photograph many more object, I was realize that, woooow, photography was very very great hobby. I can hunt photo with many friends and it's not all. We can shoot models too! Hhhaha.. It's very great for me.

One thing, photography hobby is not cheap. It's expensive one. But, if u want to try, let's borrow from your friend (It's not expensive :p). And belive me, u must try this hobby because it's an interesting one!

p.s photo In left side is one of my model's photograph favourite, I will show more in my more post :D


click said...

beautiful model~ wink2*

Cyber Glass said...

yeah... I love her :p




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