Download Spead Reach 100 kbps (Telkomspeedy Indonesia)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Good Morning blogger! Today I present you how to maximize your download speed to 100 kbps. This tips just for Indonesian region only, and just for telkomspeedy internet provider..

Okay. I found this when I browsing at afternoon, around 12.00 o'clock, regularly, when I download at this time, I just got 10 kbps download speed (it's terrible). And one day, I got 100 kbps download speed, wow!

Finally I found that Client ipv4 address is take a big part in download speed. In Internet status, you can look your ipv4 address, when you got, you can get full download speed, :)

So, when you got other than, you can disconnect the modem and turn on the modem again. This will make the ipv4 address change again. Do it until you got, and you will got the full download speed.

Stsay updated with techno fox -.-


Indra said...

boleh jga,tuh
klo pke modem usb cdma bsa g y???

Cyber Glass said...

wah, belum prnah nyoba..

tips nya ini khusus buat telkomspeedy

thx 4 comment

Hair said...

good info smile here $$$$
smile me back

Bob William said...

ternyata benar2 bisa...
tapi lama nyari yg IPnya 118




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